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Alper Maral

Music Supervisor

Alper Maral is a composer and musicologist focusing rather on literal and political connotations in music. He has teaching and administrative posts in several universities; either as a composer, performer or lecturer, he contributed numerous international events—festivals, conferences, etc., founded, co-founded and directed academic or artistic associations, including YTU Electronic Music Festival, Mediterranean Contemporary Music Days and Asian Composers’ Festival; got international commissions, prizes and residences.


He is a composer mainly for stage and screen, focusing on rather smaller ensembles and electroacoustic environments. His music is published by AK Müzik, Müzik Hayvanı, Pan Yayıncılık, and WERGO labels, among others. Besides numerous scholarly publications particularly in social science, he has executive posts in some important international institutions: He was a member of ISCM executive committee, co-founder and vice-president of New Music Cooperative, delegate for ISCM and IAMIC Turkey, general secretary for Cultural Studies Foundation, a.o. Prof. Dr. Maral, a co-counder of the new Ankara Music and Finer Arts University, Faculty for Music Science and Technologies is currently holding the post of chairman of Musicology Department.

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