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Osman Uslu

Founding Partner

Uslu, having been in the communications sector for 40 years, was the founding partner of companies such as Yorum Ajans and Allmedia. He served as Publicis Groupe’s chairman and partner in Turkey. He completed his secondary education at İzmir College and bachelors degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.


Osman Uslu, who is the owner of all Abdülcanbaz, Semih Balcıoğlu and Nehar Tüblek’s collections, has been traveling the world for the last 10 years in passion for Street Art to document the evolution over the years.  This is his next big project to be launched soon.


Today, he is the founding partner of a transdisciplinary

co-creation platform, SeagullCrow & Partners; Idea House, in partnership with Faika Ergüder, with whom he has worked with for 25 years at Publicis Group Turkey.

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